I really love it but can you change the colors and the design?

Efter en hård vecka så kan det vara bra att slappna av med lite ofrivillig kundkomik. Alla som nån gång arbetat
mot kunder i designrelaterade frågor kommer nog kunna känna igen sig.

clients from hell

“We need business cards designed to impress people in big companies at the top end of town… set up as a
Word template so we can print them in here in our office.”

Client: I already know what I want for the logo. It’s a house, with a face, and it’s on wheels with an exhaust
pipe coming out of the back which is shooting out smoke in the shape of dollar signs.

We think there’s too much space, can you put all the services we do inside the logo. And if you can
– make it 3D too, so it moves when you tilt the paper.


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